Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sweaty Betty Assistant Manager, reporting for duty

Yes, it's true.  Last week, I was offered, and accepted, the position of Assistant Manager at a high end women's activewear boutique called Sweaty Betty.  I haven't started yet as they're sending me to London (!) next Thursday to train.  I really love the idea of the company, which is all about empowering women through exercise (and still eating Cornish clotted cream).  The clothes are amazing, (particularly because I get them free :).  All the girls working in the shop now are super petite and look adorable in the clothes, so I was a bit nervous to try them on, but, and I say this without pride, I look pretty OK in them, too, even the leggings.  I feel like they're sized well and are meant to fit a wide range of women's bodies.  All the trousers are long enough for me, which I know is probably bad news to all my height-challenged friends, but there are some that you can actually cut to length and they just roll up at the bottom and are good to go (wow, I apologise to any guys out there who are reading this.  You must be bored stiff).
The GM I'll be working with, Rachel, is sooooooo super sweet, as are all the girls I've met so far.  They have two groups that meet weekly - one is a yoga group and one is a running group, and I'll be supervising one of them each week.  Rachel's birthday is next week, and even though I haven't started yet, they've already invited me to join in the festivities. 
I think the best part about this job is that it will get me involved in a group of active women who are into yoga (and therefore taking care of themselves), so I may be able to start forming a clientele for massage, specifically Thai massage.  I've ordered a massage mat on Ebay and am picking it up when I head to London next week.  There's a bulletin board up at the shop where I can post my advertisement, and a place for business cards at the front till.  I guess we'll see, but it will be a great support as I'm training for the Bath Half and will certainly encourage me to stay in shape!  I'm also hoping to volunteer in some capacity, either doing fundraising or massage, and am waiting for my book club book to come in the mail.  I won't be able to join the Bath Community Singers for at least a couple of weeks since we have plans for the next two Thursdays, but I'm looking forward to getting involved now that I have steady income!
I'm just going to send out the call for Skype addresses again...we've been having such a good time talking with many of you and would love to stay connected!
That's all for now, kids! Three blog posts in two days!  I think Chad might even post one soon - can you believe it? 

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