Monday, October 26, 2009

The Glastonbury Adventure

Hi all,

I feel like I left you hanging at the end of the last long blog post when I talked about Glastonbury, so I'll share that story and then update all that's happened over the last week or so.

A couple of weeks ago, as you may rememeber, my aunt and uncle were here.  They were staying about an hour away in a sweet little holiday cottage (side note: I cannot believe how cheap self catering holiday cottages are - like £250 for the WEEK!).  We took the train down to Castle Cary, a straight shot from Keynsham that takes about an hour.  Chad met the most adorably quintissential elderly British woman and chatted with her for a while after they both saw some sort of bizarre creature bounding off into the shrubbery.  It was tres cute. 

When David and Barb picked us up, we had no idea where we were going until they suggested the Tor of Glastonbury. 

The Tor is what remains of a series of medieval church that has been restored, and is also the site that is mythologically linked to the Isle of Avalon.  Now, for those of you who don't know, I have read "The Mists of Avalon" more times in my life than any other book, so as we were hiking up the hill, it was really amazing to imagine the land that I was walking over being submerged in water, as it once was, and the boats that traversed across it making it to the Tor (or instead landing on the Isle of Avalon). 

Either way, it was really a most breathtaking experience.  The Tor itself was visible for miles around on its hilltop, and the 360° view of the countryside from the site itself was extraordinary.

Following this, we trekked down into Glastonbury and went to see the remains of the Glastonbury Abbey. 

Now, as you might imagine, due to the proximity to a popular fantasy legend, Glastonbury is a bit of a hippie town.  There are crystal shops and outdoor markets and dredded guitar players at every turn.  So it's particularly interesting that literally in the middle of all of the magick and wizardry is the most stunning ruin of an abbey that I have ever seen (granted, I've seen two, but this was the more stunning).  First, it was absolutely enormous...the ruins and the grounds.  This was supposed to have been the burial place of Arthur and Guenevere, before their remains were stolen and then lost (really, how do you misplace the remains of two of the most historically significant characters ever?).  There was a completely awesome herb garden and a kitchen demonstration where the different types of food, herbs, drinks, and even dyes and soaps were displayed.  Otherwise, though, there was a really deeply profound sense of time standing still.  It was really beautiful and peaceful, and everyone really seemed to respect the history that they were lucky enough to be experiencing. 
So, many many thanks to my super cool relatives for letting us experience those two magnificent places with them.  It was truly a highlight of our stay in the UK so far.

So, updates...
Chad is continuing to enjoy his classes.  He is sitting next to me as I type, working on his first 2000 word essay about cryogenics.  Earlier this week, he went on a tour of a crematorium.  Sheila and I were supposed to meet them at a pub, but realized that all routes to said pub were blocked, so instead made an impromptu trip to the crematorium as well.  Let me tell you, not what I was expecting to do that day.  I won't go into details, but it was actually very interesting, and should you ever have the urge to visit one, there is (fyi) a window in the chambers to look through and watch the bodies burning. 
Needless to say, a drink in the pub, when we finally got there, was in order.

Chad has officially accepted his two scholarships at two different award ceremonies.  I found a totally sweet cashmere blazer for him to wear, and let me tell you, wear it he does.  I have the most handsome husband ever.

Barb and David also took me up to Cadbury Castle, the alleged site of Camelot, but unfortunately, I don't have any spectacular photos of it, so you'll just have to take my word for it that it was pretty super cool.

So that's it for now.  I hope you're all doing well and are continuing to enjoy our latest adventures!  I hope I have more to post re/a job for me in the very near future.  Much love!

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