Thursday, March 4, 2010

All good things...

um...just keep getting better?

We do still exist and are completely loving life.  It has been a heck of a last month, and my apologies for not at least sending a mini update before we left for Rome.  That was, of course, the highlight of the last month (um, or lifetimes?).  It was one of those crazy trips where you don't realize quite how amazing it is until you get back and think about it and look at your photos.  It hasn't entirely sunken in for me yet as we've been straight out ever since we got back (you know, MOVING and whatnot).  That's right, we're all settled in at 6 Cotswold View and it is more glorious than we could have imagined.  In addition to having a gorgeous, 3 bedroomed house to ourselves, our landlord has proven to be a complete sweetheart, calling to make sure we're settled in and leaving us with a bouquet of roses, a bottle of wine, and a welcome card.  It didn't take long at all for us to move, and  (needless to say), will go down in history as one of the world's easiest moves.  MAD PROPS to Tara for making the two trips in her car (two trips, people - TWO!).  We were settled and nested by dinnertime.  Can every move be this easy? Please?
So anyway, about, wow?  We covered almost everything (Colleseum, Forum, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Piazza del Poppolo, Spanish Steps, Villa Borghese, Vatican, Piazza Navona, Basilicas of St Geovani in Laterano and St Maria Majora, on and on and on) and ate almost everything in sight (including plenty of pasta, pizza, and gelato, PLUS oxtail and tripe!).  I'll upload a blog post and lots of photos this weekend.
SPEAKING of this weekend, hey guess who's going to be running 13 miles!?!?!?!?!!!!?!?!?  Good heavens, I can't believe it's THAT weekend already, but half marathon, here I come!  I'm a little nervous after the utter lack of training I did in Rome (and all the eating!), but I've done 12 miles, so I can do 13.  I've got a running partner, my race number, and expect my Bath Cats and Dogs Home t-shirt to be coming in the post today.  So I'm set. .....gulp.
Finally, in 12 days, Dad and Elaine will be flying into the future and touching down in London!!!  I went to the library yesterday to get guide books out of the area - walking, driving, and uncommon outings.  I'm so excited to finally go to the Roman Baths and be a tourist in this place I've lived for almost six (SIX????) months!!!  And, of course, I'm crazy excited to see them.  Woohoo!!!!!
So, expect longer and more exciting posts coming up - house photos, Rome stories, and of course, a pic of me with my 1/2 marathon medal!
Lots of love,

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