Friday, January 1, 2010

No way!

I know, I know, two blogs in ONE WEEK?  REALLY?  But I have a few minutes to spare and had such an...interesting day yesterday that I just wanted to pop on and say hi.
First off, my DAD has a blog, about which I am super psyched because he's walking around the island (not all at once - in bite-sized chunks), and I get to read all about it, keepin up with someone I looooove and keeping up with a place I looooove...all from across the ocean.  Isn't technology amazing? I am so inspired by the idea that I'm trying to figure out where I can do it around here.  Clearly, there aren't any islands to walk around, but there are beautiful walking paths through farmland that criss cross the whole country and I might just find one each weekend and see where it takes me...or maybe I'll just talk about it, as per usual...either way, yay Dad! Way to be!
So yesterday, New Year's Eve (oh yeah, Happy New Year, everyone!)...I went to look at a flat in Bath and thought it was really amazing - good price, good size, furnished, allowed a dog, AMAZING location, etc etc etc.  Chad was totally on board and it was a really exciting prospect - to have our own place.  So with all that on our minds, we headed over to Tara and Bas's for a New Years Eve sleep- over with SHRIMP BALL!!!!!!  For those of you who don't know what shrimp ball is, I really pity you...although I think it's really me who is pitiful when I think about my complete addiction to it.  I had also made shortbread (from my new "Great British Food" cookbook) with caramelized apples, but very successfully left it on the table as we hurried down to the train station.  Over the course of the evening, Nugget was extremely well-behaved, especially considering how many yummy foods were laid out on the coffee table, exactly at her nose level, and everyone fell madly in love with her.  It was such a lovely evening, involving good conversation, easy and delicious food and wine, and lovely company.  We realized that "meatball" is probably Nugget's favorite word in the whole world as it is comprised of two of her favorite things in the world - meat and ball, and all had quite a good laugh about that.  We watched the countdown on the TV, which culminated in a fabulous fireworks display eminating from the "London Eye", a huge ferris wheel near the Parlaiment in London. 
Over the course of the evening, I realized that, for various reasons, it did not make sense for us to rent the flat, which put me in quite a morose mood, as I've been spending 7 and 1/2 hours a week and £66 a month traveling to and from Bath.  This morning, though, we awoke to a new day, a new month, a new year, and Chad reminded me to say "rabbit rabbit rabbit" before I was fully awake...quite an auspicious beginning to ZOLO (as my friend, Kit, calls it).  After a most delicious breakfast and an invigorating walk back down to town with the Nug, I came home and, determined to get back on my training schedule, ran 4 miles, found a bunch new leads for possible accommodation in Bath, and Skyped with another of my favorite people in the world, my Mom.  So, all told, an excellent start to 2010 after a slightly dodgy ending to 2009.  Here's to a magnificent new year!  Much love to you all, and keep an eye out for a possible new food blog!!!

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