Monday, November 9, 2009

Quick quick!

Hey all!

Just wanted to drop a quick line and say, "Yay!" - first day of work, check!
London was completely overwhelming, and even though I was about a five minute walk from the London Bridge, I still didn't get to see it because I was so straight out the whole time I was there.  It was a great learning experience, though, and now I've got the tube down...ish.  Plus, I'm now mobile-less because I left my charger in London.  They are supposed to post it back to me, but I give that a 50/50 chance as the woman I spoke to was foreign and overworked and there is currently a postal strike on.
Work today was also overwhelming, but I got a super cute new uniform outfit that I can't wait to wear (seriously, these clothes are amazing), and I even got out for a quick run between finishing up at work and meeting my train.  I had one of those perfect travel moments where I strolled into the train station, darted up the stairs, and there was my train, waiting for me.  I LOVE not waiting around for things.
OK, that was a whole lot of not much, but I'm happy and excited and wanted to share.

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  1. Go, Sarah! I can hear your voice in your writing- makes you feel so much closer. Thanks for all the upates, and please post a pic of you in that cute new uniform.